Cristiano Ronaldo makes the funniest faces while playing. 

Find out why Ronaldo’s racing stripes have everyone talking here. 

Big brothers make the best protectors. And Brooklyn takes his role that his dad gives him seriously. Gosh, the pandemonium. And to think the Beckhams have to deal with this frequently. 

First tracks of Taylor’s new album 1989 (insp)

Crawling Back to You (series)


Leave before the Lights Come On

I wawed my family as I stepped into a bus that drove off in a magical, rainy London. I rented a really cute studio apartement there. I would’ve gone to campus, but since it was my friend’s , she gave it for a much cheaper price.

So here I am, in my new…


Rolling Stone 




My idol

This will never not be funny.

a hero for the ages

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Inspirational pokemon photos.







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I’m almost done with EMT school, and I can verify this 100%. We don’t give a shit what you’ve taken or how illegal it may be. We want to know what and how much so we can save your ass. Unless its directly related to a crime scene in some way, we don’t tell. 

It makes me enraged and also deeply saddened that the police state has become so entwined with every aspect of our lives that people are afraid to tell the truth to people trying to render them with emergency care. We’ve broken ourselves.

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My uncle was an EMT and I can verify this is true.

It’s a hundred percent true the only time police will be involved Is if you have endangered the lives of another adult or child. Until that happens you will not get in trouble, your life means more to a doctor than the mistakes you made to put yourself in that position